Friday, September 21, 2007

Pop For A Rainy Day

I took a few pop songs and dropped them in "I Ching" fashion then picked up the resulting pieces in an American attempt at feng shui. You ask, "Huh?" I scambled the songs together in unexpected ways. You might not like them on first listen but these mixes with grow on you over time.

I mashed-up the Beatles and Led Zeppelin to make "Because, Black Dog, Because." It has a driving beat, urgent pulsing guitars, and slow multi-layered vocals by John Lennon. I think it sizzles, adding life to an otherwise syrupy ballad.

I mixed up the Beach Boys and Patsy Cline to make "God Only Knows I'm Crazy." The results? God knows it's crazy. The reason behind the remix? Consider it a Wilsonian confession of what happened in the 60's. Besides, the two lyrics compliment each other quite well.

I mixed Madonna with Queen to make "Like A Prayer We Are The Champions." I already had mixed LeAnn Rimes with Queen on "We Will Rock You" so this was a natural. It's a very early DJWildBill so the mix is quite rough. I include it here as a companion piece to the other song.

The surprise in this grouping is my mash-up of the Monkees and Hanson. Two pop icons from different decades, they compliment each other well. I mixed Hanson's "Rain" with the Monkees' "Daydream Believer" and am quite pleased with the result. It's still bubblegum but it is unlike the other flavors you'll find on store shelves.

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